Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

Making the decision to transition into assisted living can be very challenging. How can we help you determine whether or not Desert Flower is the right fit for your senior loved one? We've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. Select a question and you'll see the corresponding response appear. As always, feel free to reach out to our team with any additional questions you may have about life at Desert Flower Senior Living.

How is assisted living different from a nursing home or hospice program?

My senior loved one is showing signs of memory loss, but can still maintain a high degree of independence. What happens if the memory loss progresses and they need more support?

My senior loved one isn’t sure they want to transition into assisted living, but may want to give it a try. Do you have any specialized programs for this kind of circumstance?

How do I know if my senior loved one is ready for assisted living?

I am concerned about my senior loved one’s safety. What kinds of safety features are available?